Top 10 Best Souvenir Shops in Pawleys Island

Top 10 Best Souvenir Shops in Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island is a city in Georgetown County, South Carolina, United States and is an Atlantic barrier island. In 2010, Pawleys Island had 103 populations, which decreased from 138 in 2000.

This one island is at the southern end of The Grand Stand and is the oldest resort area in the eastern US. The city and Pawleys Island, however, only exist on that one island and have no other areas.

Pawleys Island is knocked out by a long, narrow peninsula between the sea and the river. This island is often the best tourist spot for both foreign and local tourists. Here are the Top 10 Best Souvenir Shops on Pawleys Island:

List Of 10 Best Souvenir Shops near Pawleys Island

A tourist certainly has their own way to be able to enjoy their vacation day on Pawleys Island. Some of course by going around or to certain places from Pawleys Island.

After recreation, it is certain that these tourists will return to their daily activities. In order not to forget the exciting and beautiful days on Pawleys Island, they will of course buy some of the Island’s Typical Souvenirs. Here is a list of the 10 best souvenir shops on Pawleys Island:

1. Calorina Gourmet

A shop that sells Gift Baskets, Gourmet Foods, Kitchen Appliances and Souvenir Gifts for buyers. They offer a shop with a friendly appearance and of course a shop that is unique to Pawleys Island. They are always showing their new products, as well as ceramics and some beautiful pottery.

2. Eagles Beachwear

Eagles Beachwear is a One Stop Shop for Beach Souvenirs. They provide a lot of beach wear including T-shirts, tank tops, swimwear and other swimming support accessories. There is also an Online Shop where you can buy Beach Chairs, Handbags, Swimming Equipment, Beach Bags, Coolers, Souvenirs and many more.

3. Original Hammock Shop

The Original Hammock Shop is a great place to buy all the hammocks and other unique gift items. There is a high strength hammock available at a price comparable to that of other shops. Of course you will be impressed to go in and buy their Hammock.

4. Hammock Shops Village

Home to all the Original rope hammocks from Pawleys Island, here you can also see weavers working their hammocks right away. Try to invite the whole family to explore this one shop and make sure you can experience weaving in it too. There are also several other souvenir items such as clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes.

5. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club is regularly rated annually in all major gold publications. They are also a home for couples to do weddings. They provide a full service grill room that overlooks the green field. This place is a favorite of local residents and a place to eat open to the public.

6. High Country Olive Oil

High Country Olive Oil is a supplier of premium extra birthday olive oil, Italian Balsamic as well as some delicious specialty foods. They also provide the best body care products which of course are often used in Pawleys Island. High Country always offers high quality products and some provide a healthy diet and lifestyle.

7. Pawleys Island Mercantile

Pawleys Island Mercantile is an Old Countryside Shop where you can find anything and everything. All items for sale have the theme of the South Carolina Lowcountry. This general-style shop features souvenirs from Pawleys Island and South Calorina. There are also some jewelery, toys, T-shirts and sandals available for your beach needs.

8. As for Me & My House

Every time you go to Pawleys Island, you are obliged to visit this one shop. As For Me & My House sells goods with diversity, quality selected by the best employees. No one has ever left this place empty-handed and every year there are bound to be new things.

9. Susan Albright happy places

Susan Albright happy places provide the best quality clothing with special designs from Pawleys Island. A best illustratior with almost all kinds of clothes, handbags, tote bags, scarves, flip-flops, wallpapers, pillows, cloths and trays. All are available at a low price range and are made in the US whenever possible.

10. The Beach House

The Beach House is a place to escape the worries of everyday life and the best swimming spot in the area. The Beach House provides 2 bedrooms on the main floor and 2 others on the ground floor. They always rock the rocking chair to feel the breeze and relax to the sound of the waves.

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