The History Of Pawleyh Island

The History Of Pawleyh Island

Pawleyh Island, South Carolina is located 70 miles north of Charleston and 25 miles on Myrtle Beach. The island is known as one of the oldest summer resorts on the East Coast.

Pawleyh was occupied in the 1700s by rice farmers who set up plantations on a nearby river. After a while they found out that summer was not healthy for them and they finally tried to move near the beach.

In the 1700s they did not know about malaria and they only knew that they were running away. The trick is to move Pawleyh’s family, cows, horses, beds, and some other important items every May.

From the existence of this population, it has developed its own characteristics from Pawleys Island. You’ll also find 12 residences in the historic district that date from the late 1700s to the mid-1800s.

History Pawleyh Island

Pawleys Island deeply touches the hearts and souls of all who visit. Generations of visitors return again and again for holidays with their families. There will be a lot of traditional culture left on Pawleys Island and all can freely enjoy its beauty.

Percival Pawley was the first European settlement to develop plantations at Waccamaw Neck. They received land grants in the 1700s for the land area that drained the River into the sea. Due to the loss of some property records during the civil war, it is uncertain whether the Pawleys owned the dipuli house. Tradition says the historic Pawley House was owned by a member of the Percival family.

The Civil War and several hurricane disasters have changed the face of the island which eventually earned them the nickname “Shabby With Arrogance”. Unlike neighboring islands, parts of Pawley have not changed since the 1700s. The historic district of Pawley can show you a brief history of Antabellum homes, most of which are available for summer rent.

Many of these houses are still owned by the 3rd generation even more of the same family. In 2012, Liberty Lodge celebrated 100 years of ownership of their property !. The owner of Liberty Lodge, one of the historical homes on Pawley Island was once said to have invented the rope hammock. To this day Hammocks are still on sale at some Pawley Island gift shops.

Pawley Island Inn

Over the years, several inns have been opened to accommodate tourists and there has never been a large hotel like the big cities. Sea View Inn is one of the inns that has been operating until now since 1937. Apart from Sea View, there are also several other inns that have survived since it was built, such as the Pelican Inn which has been around since 1858.

There are no other businesses running on this island other than the Inn. They banned large commercial businesses when property owners heard talk of building a big hotel on some vacant lot. In 1986 they joined as a city and passed a regulation banning commercial establishments.

There is a slogan “Keep Pawleys as is”, the slogan is made so as not to spoil the feel of the island and what makes Pawleys Island so special. Currently the beach and some places are very clean, pawley is famous for its beach waves.

Apart from the beach, within 5 miles of the island there are about ten First Class Golf courses and a very large tennis complex. Pawley is also available for fishing both in waves and two swamp bridges there.

On the Island you will find three nice launching boat ramps. Pawleys can be a great place for family recreation. In terms of food you can find fresh crab from the crab dock. Some also come to the Pawleys for cycling, hunting and canoeing.

The atmosphere at Pawley is very relaxed and the speed limit for a vehicle there is only 25 mph. This certainly makes it more convenient for tourists to walk than to drive. At high tide, it is recommended that you explore the exciting salt marsh.

Swimming, bathing and sunbathing can be the heart’s main activities as well and at night you can enjoy a long dinner. After you are done with your vacation, you can buy some typical souvenirs from Pawley Island along the way. Don’t forget to order or purchase the Pawleys Island Signature Hammock.

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