Carolina Gourmet of Pawleys Island

Carolina Gourmet of Pawleys Island

Carolina Gourmet with owner, staff and some souvenirs from Pawleys offers you good old fashioned friendly service. We will help you find unique, new gadgets, as well as some beautiful ceramics and pottery.

We also let you taste some of the best tasting Gourmet food in the south. Experience Carolina’s best Restaurants and delicatessen in the most uniquely delicious way to eat.

Carolina Gourmet works behind the scenes with Chefs and craftsmen who will provide the best food and souvenirs. We are located at 10880 Ocean Highway Bldg. # 7, Pawleys Island, SC 29585, United States. You can find us by directly searching for Carolina Gourmet of Pawleys Island on Google Search.

About Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island is a barrier island no more than 4 miles long and only a few large houses wide. Pawleys is separated by a river or what can be called a salt marsh which can be accessed via two short bridges.

Pawleys Island visitors are usually a group of families who want to get a relaxing and comfortable tourist spot. Pawleys Island used to be a civil war and even worse there was a big hurricane.

Some of these calamities have changed the face of the island but some places still retain their nickname, “Very Slum”. Often there are quotes “we like the kind of people who like pawleys” and some of them are very special.

Pawleys was only made into a city and the government was founded in 1985 with a commitment to maintaining the relaxed lifestyle and atmosphere that is a part of them. Despite being remote, pawleys still maintain their uniqueness as the most relaxing place along the east of the US.

The beaches of Pawleys are very peaceful and unspoilt and are famous for their waves. Apart from the Beach there is also a place with a big Golf Course and a fishing spot too. Several places are also provided souvenir shops that provide typical goods from the island. When visiting here you are recommended to buy their very comfortable Hammock. Carolina Gourmet can be one of the shops that you can visit.

10 Best Gift & Specialty Shops in Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island is known for their quiet beaches and items such as Hammocks. Of course it won’t be fun if you don’t get some souvenirs at Pawleys Island. For this reason, it is always recommended that you buy some items that are only found on Pawleys Island like Hammock.

You won’t have a hard time finding a place to buy some of these souvenirs because almost every street will have a gift shop. Pawleys Island is famous for a very small island that even people’s daily life is more dominant walking than driving. Here are the 10 best store names that you can visit:

1. Calorina Gourmet

2. Eagles Beachwear

3. Original Hammock Shop

4. Hammock Shops Village

5. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

6. High Country Olive Oil

7. Pawleys Island Mercantile

8. As for Me & My House

9. Susan Albright happy places

10. The Beach House

The shops above are only some of the dozens of other shops that can be visited on Pawleys Island. Some of them also have online shops which if you don’t go there you can also get some island souvenirs. Even in some of the shops above you can ask to weave the Hammock as desired.

Carolina Gourmet The Best Shop Pawleys Island

Carolina Gourmet is located in the Old Hammock Village complex, they have a lot of items with both coastal and local themes. In addition to the items you can buy, you can also find a large selection of Southern Gourmet food, Pawleys Island themed cookbooks and home accessories.

Carolina Gourmet shop can be your first choice to buy souvenirs when your vacation time has run out. It is ensured that you will not return empty-handed. The goods sold are also classified as very cheap and follow prices for local people.

Gourmet Carolina from Pawleys Island at The Hammock Shop is an excellent source of all local produce from South Carolina. You will love the wide selection of different items they have and it is easy to find whatever you are looking for.

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