Bringing Family Together To Pawleys Island

Bringing Family Together To Pawleys Island

Every family certainly has some problems when going on vacation and one of them is always late. However, it is different from my family who are known for their impatience.

We are people who often eat Pasta, get nervous every time there is a movie preview and always open presents on Christmas Eve. So before summer comes we always decide to join the family and take a late spring break on Pawleys Island.

Beach Reviews Pawleys Island

“Is it time for a nap?” my husband Scott asked gazing at the hammock on the porch of our rented house. Our son was in one of us sleeping and playing coin toss games on the bed.

We chose this place as our rental home because we were confused about dozens of different options. All beachfront homes have a modern look but have the bells and whistles cash characteristics of living in the countryside. Pawleys have had a population since the 1700s and some of their culture is still preserved today.

The only good thing about our rental house are all of its property that leads to the waterfront. Pawlays Island is only three streets away at its widest, so even out-of-sea houses are just steps from the beach.

From the direction of the road we can see the view of the island from above. Although pawleys island is filled with dwellings there are also some rich plantations. Although there are not many plantation places, it can at least be a characteristic of Pawleys Island.

The beach on Pawleys Island does not seem isolated and several salt marshes appear around the houses close to the sea. Our plan here is to spend the afternoon touring the area.

We started our vacation on the beach by renting paddle boards for my sons Nick and Claire. “See!” Nick said as he pointed his oar at the tortoise a few feet away from him. Claire and I tried to get there and began to see the turtle’s dark brown and speckled shell.

Our little family walked the children also some small rivers that ebb and flow. There we could see an oak tree covered in spanish moss. After a while there we started getting hungry and tried to enjoy our picnic lunch.

Unforgettable Food Pawleys

The next morning our family was surprised because we woke up late, usually we wake up before the sun comes out (around 5 o’clock). We actually saw the sunrise on Pawleys Island because I read in a book that it was so amazing. But today we all give up on island time which doesn’t feel fast.

We spent the morning watching the coastline and the birds in flight. I saw my father explain to his grandson about the difference between shells on the beach, something he did to his brother a few years ago.

Mother just started giving out words indicating that it was time to venture ashore. An hour after walking we finally needed to buy Iced Tea on the front porch of Rustic Table. Through the outside window we could see the restaurant bar complete with high tables.

We started ordering meals at that point and our lunch theme was Gorengan, although there were actually several other dishes. Satya ordered Caesar Salad and the kids ordered crispy fried chicken livers, of course, accompanied by sauce. We also ordered the Rustic Table Special Cocktail decorated with satanic egg skewers.

After a while we were introduced to Adam Kirby the chef and one of the owners. They asked some questions like How did we enjoy our meal. I’ve heard that Adam Kirby was Carolina’s official chef ambassador in 2017.

Go To Hammock Shops Village

After a good lunch, we started our journey again by crossing the Ocean Highway to get to a shop. The shop is The Hammock Shops Village which is also the 10 Best Stores around Pawleys Island.

Until The Hammock, we finally took a break with the exception of the children who went straight to the playground. The adults started heading to a place that had a hammock and a few rocking chairs. The background of this place is very simple and traditional.

Since we couldn’t stay there long we finally started looking at things in stores to shop for. Pawleys Island is known for their hammocks and we bought a few to take home.

We started walking again and finally met “The Hammock Man”, better known as a local celebrity by the name of Marvin Grant. He is not a celebrity who is famous for a movie or an event but for the length of time he has been weaving hammocks, which is 20 years ago.

Marvin Grant has actually retired from hammock production and started spending time explaining the art of weaving. Scott and I myself tried to gain experience by asking Marvin Grant.

Sunset Worth Waiting For

We ordered some hammocks to take home but since it was still woven we finally thought about picking it up again when summer comes. Of course the adults thought the same thing because it was still Winter and not suitable for using a hammock.

In addition, our vacation also coincided with a total solar eclipse that always occurs once every 400 years. Pawleys Island is on track for totality to see the eclipse on August 21 2017, the sun at 14:00. This total solar eclipse will be closed for 40 seconds, of course this is something that is worth the wait.

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